Mustang 1968 Windshield Tag Number 10 character stamp

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This is for 1 single stamp, Custom made for your vehicle, specific to be used with the aluminum tag found on the windshield of the 1968 Mustang.All spacing and characters are proper for this tag, no more guess work!

This is one stamp to allow you to properly stamp the data tag in one swoop. It has all 10 characters in one long stamp.
If you do not feel comfortable stamping them one by one or just need to do one tag this will save you a lot of time and worry.

**** During checkout please supply the 10 characters in the notes. This is custom made per customer takes around 3 weeks depending on our current backlog. Can expedite for a fee if needed.

If you do not see what you are after on the site please contact us, we may already make it or if not we can make it for you!