UK Ford 100E 300E and 105E 107E chassis stamp Kit

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Chassis stamp kit for European Fords.

For all European Fords that had a chassis separate to the body, from 1932 to the late 60's. 

This includes the
'32-'37 8HP Model Y
'49-'53 E494A Anglia
'53-59 103E Popular
'53-'62 100E Anglia/Popular
'59-'67 105 Anglia
as well as exported models such as the US '48 Ford Anglia. 

The five point star was placed on both sides of the VIN #.

These are the slanted Ford England chassis stamps, these will also come with the special Star stamp as well. 1933-1961

-8HP came with a Y in front of the numbers

-10HP came with a C in front of the numbers